Who We Are

We are the results of twenty years of experience, as on site tutors in the music industry. Since 1997 we have been offering our services at the homes and offices of all our clients. We started our vision back in 1997 founded by Prof. Jadnel Rosario Pérez.
The experience that we developed dealing with thousands of students on a one on one basis, gave us the opportunity to develop a system like no other.
We took our experience and blended with some techonology and after a year of developing, Musik Mogul was born.
A new system with the ability to teach you music in the fastest way.
We can say thousands of arguments about who we are, how we work, our quality, experience and achievements. But the best way to know about us is being a part of our story and letting us leave a mark in your life. Welcome to Musik Mogul!
We offer a unique and specialized concept in musical education. As owners of the technology that we use, we offer:
  • technological platforms
  • digital curriculums
  • webinar & video learning tools
  • progress forms and on site material
  • On site services at: the students’ home, schools, nursing homers, retirement communities, churches, camps, and group that hire us to make projects with the final purpose of learning to play a musical instrument and form their musical groups.
  • We teach almost every instrument such as piano, keyboard, classic guitar, popular guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, wind instruments, drums, general percussion, latin percussion, puertorican cuatro, cuban tres, hawaiian ukulele, and more. We have dedicated ourselves to making music a passion for all of those that dreamed about learning to play an instrument. In the end, we continue to achieve our expectations leaving a great musical knowledge to thousands of students that nowadays lots of them are professionals that keep showing the quality of our education.

    Our company has been very recognized internationally reaching a lot of countries, stages, presentations, concerts, and competitions obtaining a huge prestige letting us be the best choice when it comes to musical education. Some of our achievements have been:

    1. Concert at the International Children's Festival in Turkey.
    2. Concert for national television in Turkey.
    3. Concert with the Pan-American Symphonic Orchestra on Broadway, New York.
    4. Puerto Rican Parade in New York
    5. Concerts in Paris, Euro Disney, Saint Maixen and Luxenac, France.
    6. Concerts at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida.
    7. Concerts in Walt Disney Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida
    8. Presentations in Frankfurt, Germany.
    9. Concerts in Xalapa, Veracruz and Ciudad México, México.
    10. Concerts in Washington, DC
    11. Concerts in Chicago, Illinois
    12. Concerts in Milwaukee
    13. Concerts in Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá
    14. Presentations at the River Walk, San Antonio, Texas
    15. Presentations in San Louis, Missouri
    16. List for Latin Grammy Nominations with our rock band.
    17. Concerts for the company Hard Rock Cafe International.
    18. Participation with colleagues in the Paoli Awards, obtaining the 1st place. Concerts on radio, television and the press in activities of great merit, among other awards.

    We count with highly classified and certified teachers to impart our specialized teaching under some parameters of organization that only Musik Mogul has. This allows us to guarantee the teaching quality giving our teachers the best tools so that every student can have the same education no matter where they are.
    As a part of ensuring the best service, we have our supervision system and lesson certifications where our supervisors take care of visiting the students. Supervisors verify all of the students are in the precise exploitation so they can keep learning the right way. Each lesson is monitored, supervised, and approved by our supervisors. And through our web platform we certify and guarantee that each class is given with all of the requirements. Parents, Tutors, or the student (if the student is 18+ years old) are the ones that certify that the class was given and that everything was done as expected. Each student has a record and a profile where we keep the progress and realization of each class so that way we can make an analysis of the exploitation at any time.
    It’s like a binnacle that lets us know the history of each one of our students at all times. This assures us the control of the progress of each student se we can be able to fulfill the expected expectations.
    Musik Mogul is the only school that guarantees your learning since for more than 20 years it has had everything necessary to fulfill its objective with a result of excellence. So much so even disabled students enjoy of our education! We work with children, teens, and adults with Down syndrome, adhd, autism, motor problems, behavior problems, blind people, and other conditions that we surpass giving the benefit of music to everyone.

    Our Moguls

    Jadnel Rosario

    founder / profesor

    Adalberto Rosario

    Marketing / Technology

    Jenny Lee Montañz

    Puerto Rico Manager

    Gabriel Medina

    Miami Supervisor

    Jadnelys Rosario

    Marketing Developer

    Maricell Rosado

    Broward Supervisor